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I too read a couple of reviews and some critics really did not like the movie. I hardly ever listen to critics simply because I think they are overrated and, to be honest, quite annoying (I hope there are no critics here  :- ) and full of themselves. But then I don't know them personally and I am sure they are very nice people ???But honestly, a good or bad review, I tend to use my own judgement and it doesn't fail me too often when it comes to films.I quote: "Sixty Six" may find a niche audience, but instead of depicting a boy's first steps toward manhood -- ceremony aside -- it turns into an uninvolving portrait of self-absorption.Wow! this person saw something completely different to me. Yes, Bernie was very focused on making his special day a success and who wouldn't, it's a big occasion and I am sure most of us would be willing to sacrifice something major (something that pleases or benefits others) to make your own occasion a success. You only have to look at weddings!! But I wouldn't say Bernie was self-absorbed because that would mean he didn't really interact with anyone and this clearly was not the case. Bernie, although quite one track minded, was an intelligent and likable character, or at least I think so.