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I am glad it was well received, it would have been awful if the first film we had agreed upon turned out to be something no one liked and we all ended up venting over how terrible it was. That would have been a bit of downer so it was great to see positive reviews for a film that, on a low budget but with good writing, acting and direction, can please a few people us herein a new and small film club.

In an effort to avoid doing actual work this morning, I've been on Google reading reviews for the movie.  The New York Times review ( says that "Like Bernie’s reluctant guests, however, you may find yourself wishing for more of Wembley Stadium and less of the Rubenses’ living room."  Did you find that to be true? 

Certainly not!! Ok, I'm not into football but I can appreciate the importance of England winning the World Cup and as JJ said, the film wasn't about the World Cup, that was just the backdrop of the story.  I rather liked the scenes at the Reubens' home and I like the Reubens for who they are. We all have faults and differences of opinions and we certainly all make mistakes so this family isn't different from any other. Apart from the rabbi, having thought about it a little more, I think that the uncle Jimmy character was brilliant. He was very comical with an outgoing personality and so very different from his brother, Manny. The moment when Manny was just about to walk out on everyone and then noticed his injured brother and the shop sign that now included his name (because Manny wasn't a massive failure and was as equally important to the business, and the family, as Jimmy) was a pinnacle moment for Manny, which in turn changed the way he felt and saw things, which eventually in turn brought Manny and his son closer together, sharing that moment, which in retrospect, was far more important than the bar mitzvah itself.A great little moment in great little movie.