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Excellent first film choice, everyone!  There's just something about a sports-related coming of age story that makes me tear up.  (I bawl my way through Steve Kluger's "The Last Days of Summer" every stinkin' time.)  My heart went out to Bernie because I've been in his shoes, having something very important to me overshadowed by someone/something else.  I think we've all been in his shoes to some degree, honestly.In an effort to avoid doing actual work this morning, I've been on Google reading reviews for the movie.  The New York Times review ( says that "Like Bernie’s reluctant guests, however, you may find yourself wishing for more of Wembley Stadium and less of the Rubenses’ living room."  Did you find that to be true?  I don't agree with that.  I rather enjoyed being in their living room, if you will.  Fascinating family to watch.  Being based on the director's experiences, I shouldn't be surprised at how real the story felt.  I could have been sitting in the congregation hall listening to an old man ramble on about how his stupid older brother had everything grand but did he? No! No, he had to make do with some old neighbors and a sad cake.  But anyways, the cast pulled it off beautifully.  Especially Bernie's parents.  I'd forgotten that Helena Bonham-Carter was in the movie, so that was a nice surprise.