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I just finished watching the movie and really should be off to bed, but thought I would write while the tears are still moist in my eyes.  I loved the movie.  I have never heard of it before.  My husband was a reluctant viewer at first, but he thoroughly enjoyed it, too.  He even managed to watch while a thunderstorm rolled in.  As a psychologist, I loved the relationships in the movie; the brothers (both the main character and his brother as well as Bernie's father and his brother), the relationship Bernie had with the blind rabbi and his asthma doctor (a nice addition, I thought) and the father-son relationship.  Like you, Chris, I thought the highlight was when Bernie's father managed to overcome his OCD and drive (over the speed limit) to Wembley Stadium to catch the tail end of the match.  I liked what Bernie said at the end; that to become a man he learned you had to stop criticizing your father and learn that he is just a man.  Bernie said that he befriended his dad that day and it helped him to become a man.  Well, that is all for now.  I will likely add something to the discussion in the future, but off to bed and back to work.