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I'll start things off. I'll keep things simple so we can develop the discussion later.Frankly, I wasn't too sure to begin with, as there is a strong football theme in the film, that I would like it simply because I don't like football. However, saying that, I did enjoy Fever Pitch and that was a pretty good film so I thought what the heck I'm going to watch it, especially as it was chosen as the first film in the film club. To be honest, I wasn't at all disappointed. I thought this was a thoroughly entertaining and quite well-written film that throws in plenty of comic moments. Everything about this film was typically British and that's what I liked about it, especially the intricacies of the bar mitzvah and the insane amount of preparation that goes into making it successful. Obviously, the World Cup story line was central to how sport can have a massive impact on people's lives even if it means, in this one particular instance, ruining someone else's. How bar mitzvahs were portrayed in the sixties in contrast to the immensity of England winning the World Cup was like a tug-of-war between the two and on one side you have the main character Bernie, who at an incredibly important time in his life is being shunned by friends and family for something that should come secondary to those His parents, Esther and Manny are both very likable characters as are his aunt Lila and uncle Jimmy, all for different reasons. My favourite character, the blind Rabbi, was central to Bernie's big day and there were some funny moments between the two, which to me, along with his parent's realization that Bernie has throughout his life been shunned, living in the shadow of his older brother, were among the best scenes in the entire film. The best for me, however, was the moment father and son shared at the end of the film whilst watching England score the final and winning goal at Wembley where Bernie seemed truly happy; that was the pinnacle that delivered just what we wanted at the end of a film, a typically, but justifiably, feel-good moment.Also, I thought the use of original 1966 World Cup footage worked very well in the film.So, what does anyone else think?