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I lived in Uzbekistan for two years.  They make a lot of silk cloth there.  They're along the 'silk road' and any silk going to the island likely went through there.The Uzbeks tell a story of how a princess smuggled silk worms out of China in her headdress to start the silk trade in what is now Uzbekistan.  The Indians have a similar legend.  Given that current political lines between countries were unknown in ancient times, I expect the shared legend refers to the same princess.  I know this really has nothing to do with British History.  As to the trade, yes, the silk had to travel a very long way to get to our story, but it is incredibly light and packs into a very small space.  I should think it would still be profitable to transport it all the way.  While it would certainly have been a luxury item, I expect it may not have been as rare as you might think.