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Perhaps as an American, I'm not the best person to be commenting on this, but as a political scientist, I do find the whole affair quite interesting.Put simply, no, I am not in favor of Scotland becoming independent. The impetus behind the 2014 independence referendum seems to be largely driven by Scotland, and by that perhaps I mean First Minister Salmond and the Scottish National Party specifically, wanting complete control over the revenues generated by sales of crude oil from the North Sea. Other issues such as continuation of the monarchy and foreign relations do not seem to be as clearly enunciated as the economic and financial ones.In my opinion, the fundamental arrangement of the constituent nations of the United Kingdom does need an overhaul. A federated system, such as what exists in the United States and elsewhere, might go a long way to solve some of the governance problems facing the British government, such as the West Lothian question. England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland would have separate executives, legislatures, and judiciaries administering affairs on a local level, but there would be a central government for national and international affairs. The central government, embodied by Westminster and Downing Street, is what is there now, but there is not really a working local level analog for all the constituent nations.Anyway, ending with a somewhat humorous aside, Scotland is actually the only constituent nation of the United Kingdom from which I have not been able to trace my ancestry from. My immediate family is English and Irish, and tracing my paternal line back about 200 years does indicate a Welsh connection too, but so far, nothing Scottish. So, again, I might not be the best person from which to get an opinion on this issue...