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HiIf the majority of Scotland wants it, let them have it, but as an Englishman I would not agree to supporting them once they get independence.  I spent many years working with Scots and culturally they are very much the same as English and as I look at the UK as a whole from Denmark, the idea of the two tribes being so culturally different the more I realise how linked together the UK is, however if that is what they want...For our American board members who maybe have a great-granddad link etc, and feel all patriotic, do not think of Scotland as occupied (I unfortunately met many American who do think this).  Most English, feel Scotland is just part of the UK, as you see Alaska as part of the US.  However, especially in these hard economic times I do hear more English moan that Scotland spends more than it makes, ie I believe many government services are totally free in Scotland compared to England and who bailed the Bank of Scotland out when it went bust a few years back?  Take a guess . . if it was not for London and Scotland was back then independent the Scottish economy would have melted.  Also, as for oil revenue, its drying up.  The Scots I know, to generalise, are all patriotic etc and love to do the whole Braveheart rubbish in the pub after a few, but next morning, when they think about economy, jobs and pensions they soon sober up, especially as the Bank of England has said it will not prop-up a Scottish economy.  Another, is Scotland makes a good economy from UK defence, this will all be lost.So what am I saying?  If they want it let them have it, but England should not prop it up and we (the English) then treat Scotland with the same level of partnership as we do any other EU country.  Maybe I am saying Scotland needs England more than the other way around.Historically and culturally, I think the two nations are far too connected and it would be bad overall.Rich