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Hi Chris. Okay. so lets mitigate some of the downsides in your list of reasons against secession. 1. the benefit of a "united economy" is not having to pay duties on foreign goods, and free unrestricted trade. Truth is England's economy is also better like this in regards to Scotland... So Secession wouldn't necessarily destroy this, you would just want to see free trade between the people living on each side of the border.

2 Scotland has more power as part of UK than independently.

Define power please. and who has that power? Economic power? well as I stated above, all thats needed for economic prosperity is free trade (along with freedom, property rights, and low taxes) and you don't need to be tied to the Union Jack to have that do you? but wait do you have that under the Union Jack?  If it isn't economic power then what powers are you referring to? magical powers? I guess I just need more clarification.

3. Scotland's public spending is way higher than it's revenue and so would have to raise taxes and/or cut public services.....yes, this is bad thing.

One of the benefits of a localized and smaller governments is to see whether or not those are bad things (for whom)... the case was prior to the Session of the South from the US. that more than 75% of revenue of the Federal government came from the South, but it was almost entirely spent in the North. For a while that shifted to where Mississippi actually got more money from the federals than they paid in... so there was wealth distribution from the Northern states into southern states. As it is now, no one really gets anything back because our taxes are being used to pay for our military on the other side of the world. and we are all being impoverished, but my point is that perhaps Scotland is in the position that Mississippi was in not to long ago, where tax monies find their way from the south up to the highlands... but in that case secession would be better in two respects 1. financially for the English, and 2. for the Scottish in the form of the dignity that they could stand on their own feet. They could of course really stand on their own feet and get off the government dole. pay for their own education, save for their own retirement... healthcare, whatever, of course having a free market would radically help as it is here in the states we have a facist system where only those approved by the government can operate... but on to the next point..  I think your 4th point falls under free trade.. and the economy question..

5. Independence means losing out on UK oil....yes UK oil (this another hotly debated subject too lengthy to discuss here), which would be devastating to Scotland financially (oh, there's still the Falklands oil too, which they wouldn't get a share of).

This is the point that made me want to respond. I'm not proud of it, but the truth is whatever military England, Scotland, Germany, or whoever else has (China, Iran, And N. Korea excepted) is just for show. the truth is The US has taken it on itself to be the world's police. Were the US to demilitarize, perhaps even listen to Jefferson and disband the standing armies, pull out of Germany, Japan, Australia and the rest of the world, and give me back some of my tax money... perhaps you'd see some of the other developed countries put a little more into their own defenses. and the 6th point makes too many assumptions... why is it devolution that the people are close to their government, and hold the reigns of power close to their chest? The future is always uncertain, but it's generally a good thing when people have more freedom, and generally the stronger their representation is the better chances there are of that freedom being attained. But good job on your pro-secession arguments! I like those.