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Sorry if this goes on a bit but there is a lot to say about this without sounding too biased. I am English, I love Scotland and I would prefer each country in the UK to remain unified.  This is such a delicate subject that is hotly debated by many to the point of complete hatred between mainly Scottish and English citizens (but it greatly affects also those in Wales and Northern Ireland), which is shame considering that we on these small islands have a rich and varied history that share of common heritage. Many people, after reading comments on the plentiful websites that provide user comments to this very question, seem to have mixed opinions about whether or not Scotland should become independent, some comments quite heated with many Scots wanting total autonomy, and who can blame them, but is it really the right thing to do after a 300 year political union? Well, personally, I still don't know for sure but I am heading for no simply because Scotland's independence doesn't just affect Scotland and this should be, at least, considered. But then there seems to be a one third per centage either saying 'no' or 'not sure', giving their reasons why they think so. There is always going to be sore spot for Scotland's independence from the times of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce but let's not forget that King James VI (of Scotland) became king of Scotland and England (well the British Isles) in 1603 and the two countries have been unified, even if with strained relations, since the early 1700s.Scotland is great for so many things including their strong history fantastic education system and the Proclaimers!! But what are the argument for independence?1. Freedom of Scotland's dependency on the UK.2. It is believed Scotland can match the successes of other small countries by going it alone.3. Scotland to have their own voice in the UN and EU (Brussels).4. Cutting business taxes to help stimulate growth, which will be needed because Scotland will not (for some time anyway) be able to afford a welfare state.5. UK oil (or rather their own oil as Many Scots see it) to strengthen Scotland financially. Scotland, if independent, will be a potentially wealthy country based on the number of people living there, the country's own needs and what it can sell to foreign states without oil. 6. Total autonomy. They already have their own parliament, laws and legal system and having total autonomy gives them total freedom.What about the arguments against independence:1. The UK economy is stronger unified.2. Scotland has more power as part of UK than independently.3. Scotland's public spending is way higher than it's revenue and so would have to raise taxes and/or cut public services.....yes, this is bad thing.4. Independence means losing out on UK oil....yes UK oil (this another hotly debated subject too lengthy to discuss here), which would be devastating to Scotland financially (oh, there's still the Falklands oil too, which they wouldn't get a share of).5. Scotland would have to provide its own defence and security at more financial strain on already stretched resources.6. Devolution is showing us that it has the full potential to work; 300 years of union should not be so easily dismissed on a huge political and financial gamble that will not only affect Scotland but the rest of the UK as well.But their independence could be the platform for a cataclysmic decline in social and financial infrastructure for many years before Scotland finds it feet. What about the pound (sterling); do they keep the pound or move to the Euro, which could be a massive mistake.I am all for Scotland having power over the running of their country but surely this would prove financially effective through devolution (regional Governments) to maintain steadier financial strength and security of the UK whilst allowing each country an equal voice . Independence effectively severs connection; the UK's debt is proportionately divvied out of which Scotland will get a sizeable amount and, financially, the country will have to start from scratch and will simply not be able to afford it.I am not saying Scotland shouldn't have their own identity, because they have an extremely strong and proud one, as does Wales, Northern Ireland and England. I am sure this post has potential to cause varied responses. I am not pro English or pro Scottish, I am pro UK and the UK is stronger in every respect with every country working together.