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I think US network TV has really good comedies (Community, Parks and Rec, etc.).  But yes, many, many network shows can get bad, especially when it comes to dramas.  I think it's a matter of so many shows getting thrown out there.  The Good Wife is supposed to be excellent, though.  I know there are others, but it's slipping my mind.  I've definitely held to the oft-repeated mantra here in the States that British TV is inherently better or more intelligent.  However, a viewing of Hollyoaks quickly disabused me of this.  Even so, perhaps because there are fewer eps, then more time and care is given. 

In the UK (and Drew you already know this having already lived here for some time) we watch a lot of US tv, especially on SKY. There's loads of excellent US programmes we (my girlfriend and I) enjoy watching on Freesat, comedies and dramas alike. However, I did find the Hollyoaks dig amusing. In the UK we do actually make a lot of crap tv as well as the decent stuff too. At the moment we seem to be thriving on reality tv and such the like, which I find utterly appalling and a total waste of money, not to mention the horrendous soaps that continually ooze out of the collective nostril of our society like baby with a runny nose (sorry for image I just put in your head) depicting nothing but misery and unbelievable plots, and don't even get me started on game drivel.....and this is what the public wants! Surely not, and the BBC still has the UK population paying the out-dated and thoroughly unwanted tv license. At least some of that money goes into paying for some quality television. British tv is not necessarily better or more intelligent generally speaking but I do believe it is at the forefront of quality drama and documentary making.....farewell to the genius that is David Attenborough!! He will be missed in his retirement.Anyway, back to Sherlock. A Scandal in Belgravia was immense fun to watch I must admit because of Steven Moffat's sheer excellence in writing coupled with the brilliant acting. Irene Adler has been an intriguing character ever since I first read of her doings in the original 'A Scandal in Bohemia'; she will always be an attractive, intelligent and devilishly fiendish counterpart to Sherlock, although Moriarty is much more sinister.