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I think US network TV has really good comedies (Community, Parks and Rec, etc.).  But yes, many, many network shows can get bad, especially when it comes to dramas.  I think it's a matter of so many shows getting thrown out there.  The Good Wife is supposed to be excellent, though.  I know there are others, but it's slipping my mind.  I've definitely held to the oft-repeated mantra here in the States that British TV is inherently better or more intelligent.  However, a viewing of Hollyoaks quickly disabused me of this.  Even so, perhaps because there are fewer eps, then more time and care is given.  Plus, British television isn't slavishly devoted to “seasons”.  It's interesting that with the cable model becoming more and more acceptable, that the biggest “hits” on American TV rarely air during the normal Sept-May “season”.Anyway, I watched the second series of Sherlock earlier this year through....other means, even though I live in the States.  It's incredible.  My favorite ep was the Irene Adler one, if only because Steven Moffat's stories are so wonderfully twisty.  I'm just in love with how well it came across.  The Hounds ep wasn't all that good to me, even if it had some good atmosphere.  I really liked the last ep...I just felt that it peaked so early that I held it to a super-high standard.And Chris, yes, it does get censored over here, but it's weird because PBS (the station that broadcasts it) actually cuts the time off of random scenes so it can meet some schedule that doesn't make any sense to me.  They did the same to Downton Abbey's first season, where they took 8 episodes and turned them into 4 hour and a half episodes (I'm probably remembering this wrong but it was something like that.).I did just get through a marathon, 60-day viewing of The Wire, since I've waited for years to see it.  I have to say, British, American or is probably the single best TV show I've ever seen.  I know a lot of people say it, and I try to avoid groupthink....but WOW.