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I appreciate your perspective on the show, actors and writers of the Sherlock series.  I don't have the history with the actors that you do.  This is my first exposure to both of the actors.  I found Episode 2 quite intense and scary.  A friend at work told me that his wife had to change the channel because she was too frightened.  I thought the story was perhaps the best of the episodes I have seen, to date.  I did read “The Hound of the Baskervilles” a few years ago in preparation for my first trip to London.  I have not seen the other productions of the story.  I loved how the writers updated it.  That H.O.U.N.D. stood for something that seemed rather plausible (and might even be true – the CIA has done lots of things we probably will never know about).  As a psychologist, I was taken in by the intense emotional reaction Sherlock had to being afraid.  What confused me was the very short shot at the end of the episode that showed Moriarty.  I don't recall his role in the original story.  Did he have a hand in creating the situation that Sherlock found himself in?  I am really looking forward to the third show.  I realize that 90 minutes might be long for a show, but I consider the BBC produced programs to be the best on TV, here.  We cut cable TV two years ago because the cost was just hard to justify.  I was initially exited to get the channel BBC America.  Turns out it is basically a glorified Home and Garden channel.  None of the kinds of shows that I wanted to see (like Sherlock and Downton Abby) were on.  I have actually enjoyed Netflix streaming because I have watched several British, Irish and Scottish TV shows.I will have to check out the show you mentioned in your post.  I am always looking for quality TV.  I am biased in that I find the majority of what is on American TV to be crap.  Public TV, which shows BBC shows, is my favorite channel and fortunately is not on cable.