Re: Re: Sherlock Holmes season 2



Oh, I agree.  I think there are loads of crap programming coming out of the UK, for sure.  I was more talking about the perception I'd held for so long.  I looked back at how I typed that and realize it wasn't phrase correctly.I do want to make a distinction.  I think what Laura was talking about were network shows versus cable shows.  There are amazing television shows on our cable networks (which are channels that we have to pay for, either in bulk or singularly, like HBO).  The networks are basically free, so they have to work harder for the advertising dollars to keep themselves propped up.  Therefore, they tend to have programming that is more rigid and less "artistic".  This isn't always the case, of course, and excellent stuff does come out of them.  (Hello, The Simpsons, Seinfeld, far too many more for me to name.)  But they spew out a lot of generic crap as well along with the usual terrible shows that tons of people watch, and that lowest circle of hell, the reality show, with its sub-divisions of "competition" and "trashy insane people".