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Huge can of worms here!Personally, as a Scot who considers himself both Scottish and British, I'm still undecided.  I can see the benefits of independence, of remaining as things are and of expanding our current devolved powers (the so called "devo-max" option which may or may not be offered in a referendum).  If the referendum was tomorrow, I'd probably vote devo-max if that were an option as I think overall, the Scottish parliament has been a good thing for Scotland over recent years.I also see no reason why parts of England shouldn't choose to have the same sort of devolved power (though I imagine Lancashire and Yorkshire would have trouble agreeing where a Northern England seat of power would be).To me (and lots of people I know), it's a nice, romantic idea to return to full independence however I think the possible financial implications of this put a lot of people off.  Depending on who you listen to, you get completely different answers on whether an independent Scotland would be better or worse off.