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Oooh I have so many suggestions! Just went in December and planning to go again this September as well (happy early anniversary!). First question: what kind of scotch does your hubby prefer? Islay, Speyside, Highland? If he there is one he likes more than the other, that would help. I absolutely loved the Western Highlands. Since it was my first trip, I did a few 1-day tours with companies. My favorite tour was the West Highland tour with Rabbie's. Great company, great tour. The diversity of landscapes in that region is spectacular. I did the one-day Loch Ness tour and I wouldn't do that again. I preferred the W. Highlands for one, and the other issue was just too damn many tour buses on the same route. As a lover of this podcast (nice username, btw), I take it you like history. That's one aspect of doing the Rabbie's tours I really loved - the storytelling. It really added to the experience and my connection with the landscape. While I like the idea of driving oneself around (and that's my plan for the upcoming trip), I did enjoy my introduction to the land accompanied with stories. I've heard good things about the Rabbie's tour to Skye as well.If you want to rent a car - maybe stay in a couple of places and use them as hubs. One would be in the Glencoe area - good location for the Western Highlands. Inverness isn't the greatest city (or so I keep hearing from folks), but great location as a base in the northern Highlands. I've also heard that Aberdeenshire is beautiful. Planning to use Old Deer as a hub myself, but that's also for family lineage reasons.