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I agree with Kbird that I too love the story but not sure it belongs.But...I kinda feel like you should finish the story.  I know I know but I'm kinda geting into it.  I understand that if you follow every rabbit hole you would create a huge mess.  But this is a story that a lot of us mere Americans, and I speak for them because I am one, are interested in.  I mean, we all put on our effing "affliction" tee-shirts and head to the nearest bar with an Irish name to drink Guinness on St Patrick's Day, but we really have no idea why.  We always ask, didn't he kill snakes or something?  I know the rest is technically Irish history but it does tie in with your subject matter and it may even inspire new listenership.  It would be ok if you just finish the story in one half-assed episode and released it on St. Patrick’s Day to the general public.  I would be ok with that, but I do think you should finish.BTW, I don't wear those damn affliction tee-shirts.