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I don't know what is the structure of the History studies in the USA or UK. In Russia you have first 2 years general introduction in all possible fields of history (History, Anthropology, Archeology, History of politic movements, Chronology, History of Art). We had to make excavations after first year of study (that was funĀ  ;) digging all day long and drinking with your profs all night longĀ  ;D). After 2 years you have to decide which field of history is interesting for you. For me it was Ethnology, something that is historical and contemporary at the same time. We had a lot of expeditions and field research. That was fun :) But no way to earn money... So after History Diploma I've studied business... I fought the law and the law won...That's one of the reasons I find it really great that you are doing this podcast. It is how it should be people should do something they like and not what they have to or others expect them to do. Hope you'll get enough members to do this podcast for years. There is so much to tell not only about British History ;)