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I thought this was an ok movie (bordering good) and to be honest I didn't care if it wasn't entirely accurate. People are way to anal about historical films being accurate these days and they get so riled about it. I don't understand why. I thought it had some great action sequences and the basic character development was enough to keep the grey matter plodding on just enough for general amusement. Even having New Zealand, Australian, Canadian and American actors in the lead roles wasn't a problem because I thought they worked quite well. Cate Blanchett does the accent very well indeed as did Oscar Isaac as King John.I've seen King Richard I played in several different ways and while many regard him as a great king, he wasn't exactly the best King for his subjects was he. Let's face it he hardly spent any time in England, sold a lot of land and titles and spent vasts amounts of money from his father's Saladin Tax on raising his armies for the Third Crusade to re-take Jerusalem, which he never did anyway (there's a great podcast series called Understanding the Crusades that covers this). He even raised taxes. Not high on my list a great kings but there is obviously a lot more to it than this. He was certainly a complex man.