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I have just treated myself to a membership!  Yay!I was in the UK in October and one of the things I did was to go to a private viewing and lecture on the Staffordshire Hoard at PMAG.  So I have seen this iconic "Rise up O Lord" piece.  Stunning! What I wanted to share with you was my first reaction to the Hoard - the smallness of each piece! After seeing photos, I hadn't got an accurate picture in my mind of the size of the individual pieces, so that took a few minutes of adjustment.  But soon the smallness became part of the marvel of the Hoard - the intricacy of the craftsmanship was breathtaking.I also wanted to share with you that the famous 'Frank's Casket' in the British Museum in London has a depiction of the story of Weyland the Smith, as well The Adoration of the Magi - making this little metal box representative of the transition period, just like The Hoard.