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The “Dicky” thing was the first thing that made my eye brow go up (as well as making me kind of sick.) I did some quick searching and apparently “Dick” and “Bill” did exist back as early as the 1300's as diminutives of Richard and William. Unfortunately, after I did this post I found a couple of commentaries later in the day that stated that the site that posted it is a site history site the equivalency of "The Onion" news paper. So I admit to a "DOH!" moment. Even though I tried to find more on it or approach it with the skeptical eye, I admit to missing the obviously explanation of it being a joke. I wish whoever had originally sent this through my news feed had said something and the page it was on said something of it being a hoax. It reads a lot like a tabloid that the writers are intending for the readers to take as fact, even though it can be complete B.S. I tried to take down the post when I discovered the truth, but apparently that didn't happen. So "whoops" on my part.But I guess the larger question is how plausible is this whole scenario between Elizabeth of York and Richard III? I know it's gained some traction after "The White Queen." It makes for a deliciously scandalous story. But historically, do you think there is any grounds for this?