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Hi Diane,Our Degree was in broken down into 3 ten week terms for each of the three years.I combined my degree with English literature, So we we could mix and match to a certain extent what we wanted to study. For example for my dissertation I combined Literature and History by writing about the influence of Folk music/ Nursery Rhymes in popular culture. I think i'm a bit of a sucker for the end of the Roman Republic - Sulla,Marius,Pompey,Caesar,Mark Anthony,Octavian/Augustus. I find it very fascinating.Normally though I like History with a broad range of sources.So often, I tend to enjoy more modern History. I find myself pretty fascinated by everything really these days though. I try and look at areas that I have not discovered before and that leads me forward.I have little knowledge of Canadian history sadly, the little I do know is from an anglocentric point of view. Any book recommendations?Rich