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I'd like to upvote bmarshall's request for a Members Only that further investigates Celtic Kingdoms. Particularly, I'd like to know more about what happened to them after the time of Gildas, who has been our primary source on them in the main podcast. From the recent episodes on Aethelfrith, Edwin, and Penda, it would seem the Welsh were still quite active in wider British politics (ESPECIALLY after today's episode! no spoilers). Perhaps we're due for a catch up over there?One thing I find fascinating about Celtic kingdoms is how fragmented they always tended to be. In ancient times, it was real tribal stuff going on in terms of their own cultural identities. And in the early Middle Ages, even as the Anglo-Saxons were pushing many refugees of different parts of Britannia toward a relatively small area, a persistence in multiple feuding, small kingdoms persisted.I'd like to ask, what were the primary factors involved that kept these "divided and conquered" from ever really banding together?As a caveat, I'd like to acknowledge that perhaps it was not the Celts who were unique in this regard. In the former, perhaps it was the Romans who were exceptional for cultivating such a strong central authority, and in the latter example, the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes were just as fragmented as their Briton rivals. However, I do feel that the Britons could have had more common-ground to unite them than the Germanic invaders. So, what was it? Cultural? Political? A product of the power structures and abilities of the times? Also, what happened to all that trade? Were they still in touch with Constantinople, or Rome? And why did the Popes always seem to dismiss the Celtic Christians Kings? I think this would make for an interesting episode!