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I am especially fond of the Black Country (roughly the area between wolverhampton and Birmingham) accent and sayings, and lived and worked among it for many years.A lot of people think that the Birmingham accent ( brummie) and Black country are the same but you only make the mistake of saying that to a Black Country resident once. a black country friend told me (and indicated by a pervious poster) that it is the english dialect that is closest to middle english as spoken by chaucer.My fave sayings are : ow bist - How are you?bay too bah - I'm not too badbunny-fire - Bonfire ( my personal fave)bonk - a small hill ( 2nd fave) kaylied - Drunk bostin - very goodbibble - pebble caghanded - left handedsailin' - ceiling yow am - you are (the reason that brummies call black country speakers yam yams)Wassin - throat as it "get it down yer wassin"clack - shut up as in "stop your clack"tararabit - see you later babby - baby All fantastic if you aks (ask) me !