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Ok, so after googling 150 different variations of "best books on english history", and going through list after list, I would love some advice on what to be reading! I just finished "How the Irish Saved Civilization" and "Lost to the West", both of which are great examples of what I'd love to be reading with respect to British history. Something lighter, that deals with the material chronologically is definitely what I'm looking for; i.e. would love to avoid a book that dissects only one aspect of british history.And, I'm sorry Jamie, but it's gotta be available on kindle, which counts out Winston Churchill's history (and I think the Oxford History).  >:(Thanks for the advice!

I just recently download all 4 volumes of WSC's History of the English Speaking Peoples from Amazon on my Kindle - a great read, particularity for both the great use of language and the broad summary of the complete history of Britain.