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Hi Ya!I'm a new member to BHP as of October 15, 2013 & was root'n around the internet after listening to "The Poet's Curse" & cameacross a delightful and informative site about Celtic Myths & Legends called, "The Mammoth Book Of Celtic Myths and Legends" by, Peter Berresford Ellis, 1999 & 2002.The author has a "very" informative (lengthy) & "a-ha" introduction and also gives credence of what Jamie discussed at the"Beginning" yep way back to the start of his BHP & Members Only Podcast. After the "Introduction," Chapter Six is: "The Poet's Curse" (Ireland) & Chapter 14: "The Shadowy One (Scotland).After listening the Jamie read "The Poet's Curse" & then "reading" the story it was like taking a "trip" without "taking" the  trip!Well for now enough said because I could get a good "yak" going, Ha!Here's the link & hopes this finds yawl well on a very early Monday morning.Mary (Tutor~Rabbit) •' '~~*'s+curse&source=bl&ots=SBTjHAMl4t&sig=drPYTUM4-RCJuI_eNqWTHn29QpY&hl=en&sa=X&ei=MGNfUpD1J-PB2wXz3oD4Bw&ved=0CEAQ6AEwAw#v=onepage&q=the%20myth%20of%20the%20poet's%20curse&f=falseP.S. I'd like to here yawl's thoughts on the authors linguistic ideas plus his reference's related to Sanskrit/Celtic language.Especially when he talks about how the "River Thames" is a tributary of the "Ganges" sacred river of the "Hindu's."