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I'm happy to report that Pocket Casts is working again for the members feed now – I switched to Podcast Addict for a month or two there during the 'lets make everything look lovely – whoops I broked it' episode (this is exactly why podcasters should not be allowed more than twelve cups of coffee in any twenty-four hour period).When putting in your username/password, note that the second character in the username is a zero not the letter O!Incidentally, for those that are looking for a new podcast client (and who won't benefit from the sync capabilities of Pocket Casts), Podcast Addict does have the advantage that you can set up 'virtual podcasts' - in other words, if you have a load of audiobooks on MP3 you can put them in a directory on your machine, set that directory up as a virtual podcast and keep track of what you've listened to more easily than just browsing the directory.