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I think finding a balance between actual history and fiction can be tricky to pull off but I this miniseries did it justice. All I know of The Anarchy is what I have seen in this production and I found it thoroughly engrossing. I am not sure either why the felt the need to change Matilda to Maude and I am sure also that some specialist in this field will probably have a few things to say about certain accuracies (or inaccuracies so to speak) of the historical part, however, it is just a story and an entertaining one at that even though it is set in such brutal times. Ian McShane, Rufus Sewell, Natalia Wörner, Tony Curran and Eddie Redmayne gave some brilliant performances but in fact the whole cast was a great ensemble.

I thought Matilda was also known as Maude; also, she is referred to as Maude in the Cadfael tv series, I seem to recall.