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Half way through the IWM podcasts. One part made me cringe when a veteran mentioned the bad case of trench foot he had and a doctor sticking pins in his toes to see if he could feel anything. No pain = bad, pain = good, meaning he was on the mend but still unable to walk so he and others would crawl on all fours to get anywhere in the hospital, such as the toilet.The episodes are a little short but they have done a good job in bringing together what is obviously a broad collection of recordings from different periods (and probably recorded some time ago as all the veterans are now dead). The sound quality isn't great on the recordings but that is only minor compared to the content, which is interesting and certainly great to hear the individuals themselves who were there in the thick of it. It was also good to hear different perspectives British and German views etc. and military and civilian.A great attempt by the IWM and it is supposed to continue throughout the year so I shall keep up to date as they are released.