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The History of Rome podcast is the classic history podcast.  It's now finished, so you can listen to the whole series as quickly or slowly as you want.  Episodes tend to be about 15-30 minutes, about the same length as Jamie's.  Anyway, it's very good and well-researched and I highly recommend it.  If you're interested in longer-form podcast episodes, check out Dan Carlin's Hardcore History podcast.  He only comes out with about 4 episodes a year, but they are about 3-4 hours long.  His more recent episodes are free, older ones cost a small fee but are well worth it.  Topics have included a wide variety of things, including the Mongol invasions, the downfall of the Roman Republic, a militant religious takeover of Munster, Germany in the middle ages, and the Spanish-American War.I'm also listening to The History of English which is an ongoing podcast that is a detailed history of the English language.I've also heard lots of good things about the following history podcasts, although I haven't listened to them yet.  The History of Byzantium continues on where the History of Rome podcast left off, although it is by a different podcaster.  Meanwhile, the guy who did The History of Rome is now doing a series about the histories of different revolutions, The Revolutions Podcast, which has covered the English and American revolutions so far and is now looking at the French Revolution.