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I'm trying to sneak peeks via the website but I think IT has caught on and the video no longer loads on the live feed.  Foiled again!  (Okay, we're not supposed to watch video here.  But still!)I'm glad they've got stills up now.  Very cool!

How very annoying  >:(  I hate it when they do this. Ok, it's not the most exciting thing you are going to watch but I thought it would be pretty interesting for folks, no matter where they live, to see the torchbearers live even if just for a few minutes. The games (and everything about them) are global and shouldn't be hindered in this way.Did you notice that some torchbearers have put their torches on ebay!! This is ok I guess if they are doing it for charity as a lot of good can come from it but to keep the money yourself after having the honour of being selected out of the many many thousands of nominees is a bit cheeky to say the least.