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The day I arrived was a summer fair day. The entire downtown was a party. I was staying near the Frauenkirche in the center of the old town area. This was not my first trip to Dresden so I knew the area a bit. In previous visits I had gone to the Green Vault to see the amazing metal work and have taken a train south along the Elbe to the Königstein. That is an amazing place to visit as well. All of this is relatively new circa 1300 CE. This trip I wanted to go the art museum, but with the fair it was a zoo. So I walked around. Across the river there was a Saxon encampment filled with re-enactors and stalls selling metal worked souvenirs (Swords)  and other craft items. It was fun to watch, but alas, my German was not good enough to truly appreciate all that was being said during the re-enactments. This was a work trip, so I only really had one day. My meetings were a short walk from downtown near the conference center. Later in the week I finally was able to figure out where Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughter House 5 POW camp was. It was only a short walk away. So I did head up there. I found the old entrance and then the actual building. There is a marker there stating what it is and on the back of the marker an excerpt, albeit in German, from the book.  That made my literary tourist day! Sorry I did not really see much in the way of earlier history. I asked a few people but it is hard finding true history geeks. Most of the people would only talk of the bombing and reconstruction. Occasionally I could engage a person on the topics of Bach and the Reformation. But that was about it. The city itself is beautiful as is the surrounding area and well worth the trip. The funniest part of my tourism was during the fair. In the gardens of the old palace was this woman playing violin. She was remarkably good. I stopped to listen while other just walked by. I noticed she was standing next to a poster of the Dresden String Ensemble. That is when I noticed that she was on that poster. When she saw me listening and then looking at the poster she did give me a nod that I had indeed figured out that she was from that professional group.