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I play a variety of types of music. I record out of my house. I'm not professional in any sense of the word. Most is rooted in rock guitar, I guess, but I try to tackle any instrument I might find laying about. You can listen to some of it here:

Just heard some of your music.....nice one! I read through your posts here and saw 'rock guitar' and swiftly followed your link. I love your guitar work and having heard you play....well, you are good, which makes my playing sounds bloody awful in comparison. I am strummer mostly (too lazy to learn anything else), you know the easy 3, 4 and 5 chord wonder songs that are easy to play, that's me. Maybe a little Foo Fighters and The Who thrown in for good measure but overall anything easy works for me. I'd love to write and compose my own stuff but I don't think that's ever going to happen.I look forward to seeing some of your photos of your trip to the UK later in the year. I love Edinburgh, a beautiful city.