Re: Re: New member-only feed and the BHP app



Yeah, I'm really sorry about that.  The switch off happened because all of a sudden downloads spiked, and when I looked at IPs it became clear that people were downloading outside of the system.  After a brief investigation, I discovered that the entire feed was insecure and could be accessed outside of the username/password thing. The whole thing was a mess, and since membership is how I keep this whole ship afloat, I needed to move quickly.  But on the upside, it meant I would be able to provide a much more user friendly system (which you should be able to take advantage of on the site now)... and the next phase will be to integrate these forums with the site itself.  Overall, it has turned out to be a good thing (bugs and errors notwithstanding), and once all the kinks are worked out I think it will be better for everyone.If anyone has any problems accessing the member's material please contact me at [email protected] and I will personally help walk you through the process and find you a solution until Apple can update the BHP app.This has been a complete debacle and I'm very sorry about that.  Hopefully it will be back to normal soon, though.