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OK. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I will be testing over the weekend and will be submitting this to the App Store for review on Monday.If any of you care about the technical end of things, here is why it has taken so long ...I wrote the BHP app almost two years ago and, during that time, Apple changed a bunch of the ways that apps should perform some functions. Eventually, the old BHP app was going to stop working because the underlying capabilities that it was using in iOS are going away. Actually, it was already getting a little creaky because stuff like some of the information that comes down with the episode was getting put in a different place than when I last updated the app, so the description was not getting updated.1. The BHP app gets the episode list by making a HTTP request  (like you would in a web browser). It sorts through what comes back to get the episode titles, dates, descriptions, etc. to display as the episode list. For the member only feed, your username and password have to be sent with that request as well. The way that the BHP app was providing the username and password was a standard way to do it, but it wasn't the preferred way and, based on how it was working in tests, it will soon be unsupported. So, I had to rewrite a large portion of the code for downloading the member only episode list.2. Since the BHP app was last updated, Apple introduced two more sizes of iPhones. For app developers, they provided a new way to present buttons and text and such on the screen so that it automatically adjusts to the size of the screen that it is being shown on. That is good, but it meant that I needed to learn how this worked and redo all of the screens in the BHP app to work in the new way. I just figured out how to redo that last of the app screens the day before yesterday and just now figured out how to redo the "launch" ("Keep Calm") screen.On top of this, I was an official at two motorsports events (Oregon Trail Rally and Olympus Rally), drove from Seattle to southern Idaho and back for my daughter's graduation from grad school, built a front deck on my house (I needed to clear the wood out of the garage to make room for a car (another Lotus) that I bought months ago and the seller was putting my feet to the fire to get it out of his garage), and I am now close to the end of finishing off a project at my day job that I have been working on for two years, coordinating between the other lead engineer in Prague and a Quality Assurance team in Beijing. Everything seems to happen at once.So, as I said, I will be using the updated BHP app on my iPhone 5S and my wife's iPhone 6S over the weekend and, if all goes will, will be submitting it to the App Store on Monday. It usually takes Apple a week to complete the review and then it will be available for the world to get the update.alan