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Haha, oh Maude/Greg.  S/he was so sweet.  I'm currently looking after a cantankerous 19 year old cat named Nick who is just about as banged up as Maude/Greg was.  I think I just have a soft spot for broken animals.  :)I'm glad you're excited about the Crusades and the Empire era.  I am too.  I don't know how I'll handle the fractured story that will come from that (with things like the Raj happening) but if I can do the Heptarchy, I figure I can do anything.  Heh.And yes, Tolkien as heavily influenced by the Anglo Saxon period, which explains why many Anglo Saxon scholars are also Lord of the Rings nerds (myself included).As for what I'm most excited about.... I'm DYING to cover the Wars of the Roses and the English Civil War.  I know it will be complex and crazy, but there's just so much fun material to cover during those periods.  As for my favorite period... actually, I really like the Heptarchy.  There aren't a lot of sources, but what little glimpses we get of this period give us a view of an incredibly rich and interesting culture that still echoes with us today.  :)As for the town in Orkney... are you referring to Skara Brae?  That was one of the sites we discussed in the Scotcast, and is a stunning find.  But there's so much in Orkney that I can't help but wonder if you're referring to another dig.Anyway, welcome to the community!