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Oh yeah, now that I found the article on Google, I see that it is actually Skara Brae which the article talks about. The War of the Roses sounds quite interesting, as around that time I think, there was a lot of that Game of Thrones-ey royal intrigue, but the English Civil War always confuses me, when it gets into all that technical religious terminology. So, it'll be cool to hear your take on that, so that I can finally come to understand that event, and why it happened and everything, as it seems like something I should know about really  :D. In terms of the Crusades, I listened to this episode of the History Extra podcast where they had Thomas Asbridge on the show, talking about how figures like Saladin have, in the past, been portrayed inaccurately, and also about how the portrayal of how things went down between the leper King and Saladin in the film Kingdom of Heaven was completely inaccurate, with Ridley Scott completely disregarding Asbridge's advice on the topic. But, that movie is still one of my favourites of all time (the director's cut at least), and historical inaccuracies generally don't bother me in film as film is a form of art, as opposed to a non-fiction book on the subject.