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You'll soon see what my interests are by this list.  I'm including non history podcasts as well as I'm sure most of us have interests that don't include history :)All About AndroidThe British History PodcastThe Dis UnpluggedThe Dis Unplugged - Disneyland EditionThe Genealogy Guys PodcastThe German History Podcast (this guy has only posted one so far...I wish he would continue)The History ChicksThe History of EnglandHistory of France in English Podcast (one of my new favourites)The History of RomeIrish History PodcastNew York City History: The Bowery BoysNorman CenturiesRussian Rulers History PodcastStuff Mom Never Told YouStuff You Missed in History ClassStuff You Should KnowTech News TodayThis Week in TechTudor and Stuart Ireland Conference 2012Vinyl Cafe WEDway RadioSo many little time :)Susan