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1) The BHP! (history)2) The History of Rome (history)3) The History of Canada(history) 4) Revoltions (history)5) Norman Centurys (history)6) The Conlangery(lingistics)7) 12 Byzantine Rulers (history)7.5) Say Something In Welsh (Lingistics)Thats about it. My mother introduced me to the BHP, when i loved it and got an I-Pod, she uploaded episodes 1-48, and when i figured out how to download them, my mom introduced me to Conlangery, which i listen to less, but still a bit! I annoy my friends with history AND lingistics! ;D (Only 13, in 7th grade!) Thanks Mom. Just got 12 Byzantine Rulers, Norman Centurys, and Say Something In Welsh. So beware!