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Right I have had a quick go, not the greatest but all I can muster this morning as it is starting to get busy at work and people keep interrupting my creative flow by having the cheek to ask me to work! Thou namest after a verily hard metal, yet thee do not liveth up to this most noble of names. Thy maketh war on thine own people with thou secret police and kill any guilty of disagreement with thee in the smallest of ways.Thine own eldest Yakov, did verily shoot himself because of his own fathers cruelty and evilness towards him. Thine own Son is prepared for the eternal damnation of hell fire to get away from thee! What pray tell did thouest have to say when thine son survived this attempt to endth his own life? Why, ‘He can’t even shoot straight’. Such a vile and contemptible Father thou is.When thine hadeth a chance to exchange thine own son when he was taketh as a prisoner of war thou declined and his despair was such he killed himself.Despite the effort of my Orthodox brethren you maintained a godless existence worshipping the false idol of Communism for which ye shall burn in hell.Thine own peoples ye treated like beasts of burden and when they were of no use to thee, thy did murder them in numbers so great that only God can comprehend them.Thouest did not rule over thy people most nobly as a goodly King shouldeth. The terror ye brought in thy reign over thine own people was most foul. Thy memory be cursed forever and the many sins thee have committed mean thy will burn in the eternal fire with the greatest of agony forevermore.