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Hi, I just caught up with this last night and had forgotten how this film has to be one of the best films made since the war!While on the surface it may appear to be just a silly satire, it really has a lot more to say, especially in regards history.  A couple of things that struck me were:1) That the 1975 film was quite popular but a large part of its success, as in any satire, is that it relies on the audience being aware of what is being sent-up, i.e. that the theatre-goers are aware of both the Arthur legend and the Dark-ages period of British History.  I am not so confident anyone would be able to be so bold as to make those assumptions today:2) That the Arthurian legends are based on medieval tellings and so reflect that viewpoint, and that this film has kept that feeling while at the same time covering the 700s dark-ages aspects in a reasonable fashion (e.g. fragmented society); &3) Left us with the thought, would Arthur today be a hero or be arrested as some kind of violent criminal.Well that's it for the time being as its Chrissie Eve down here, so Merry Christmas one & all!