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Is anyone else into MLS?  (I know, it's not the Premiership, but it's all we have in the US).Personally, I'm a fan of the Portland Timbers and actually you can usually see me amongst the Timbers Army at any home game.  Not sure who the Army is?  It's this mob.  XD9490118-standard.jpgSo do we have any other MLS fans on the boards?

Is that a Swedish flag in the group? Don't really have a team, as the closest one in Chicago, and as a general rule, people in Wisconsin don't cheer for Chicago teams.  :)I hate to be a eurosnob, but I'd much rather watch an EPL game over MLS; maybe because outside of a few players, I don't know who to cheer for.I follow MLS more to follow what's happening with the referees, yeah I'm a nerd. And a USSF referee, youth games only, not qualified enough for the big boys, besides what can be more fun that being yelled at by soccer moms on your free time  :P