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I use Doggcatcher.  This is the first password-protected podcast I'd tried to access, and I wasn't sure how to do it – but it ended up being quite painless.From the Feed screen, press the + icon; select "Feed RSS URL".  There are a couple of options at the top*; roll down to "RSS URL" and enter the, well, RSS URL; the username and password are under "Feed Options - Advanced" just below.  I hit Save, and it started downloading immediately.  (Then I went back and changed the settings, 'cause it defaults to downloading the latest and I wanted to start at the beginning - but I can't blame Doggcatcher for that.)*Not a great design choice, I'd say - logically, the URL should be at the top; that's why we're here, right? - but overall I can't complain about Doggcatcher; it's been awesome.