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Picture Time!  Here are a few of my father and me before getting into the hives.  Fun story — I used to help him out when I was a young man, too.  We had two suits and the large bee helmets with the brims.  One of them had a couple of small holes, which I always got to wear.  The cool part is that I got so used to bees getting into the helmet that there is almost nothing about a swarm that bothers me anymore.  These new generation suits are really nice, but I feel more like a spaceman than a beekeeper in them.As we were getting on the suits, my dad went over some of the other gadgets that are used.  They include locks to keep all bees out of areas and screens that will keep queen bees out, but the worker bees in.  This allows honey to be made without getting eggs laid in it by the much larger queen (the screen keeps her bulk out).Although the material is quite a bit nicer, similar thick clothing and netted hats have been worn for centuries.  Although from what I understand, the true bee master doesn't need anything.  I'll keep trusting my jumpsuit, though.