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And here's the honey.  The one on the left is honey with comb.  We use a crank machine to get the honey out of the comb, so some of it is still left in the frame to help the bees.  We kept a bit of the comb, though, this time, so I could “squish it down” like Jamie says in the podcast.  Usually I would only use straight honey (like the three pounds in the right hand bottle), but I wanted to make it as authentic to the podcast as possible while not being too rough on the bees and also while making a good product.There are no pictures of the "honey centrifuge" as it's a horribly sticky process and I didn't want my camera (aka phone) getting gummed up.I'll try to make the mead tomorrow, but with a family and all, I can't make any promises. Now all this talk of mead has made me very thirsty, so I'm going to take a visit to my beer cellar (also known as a closet) and grab a small bottle of mead.  Slainte!