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Tipo, you're making my statements sound a lot more affirmative than they were.  And I'm sure that you know from Seasons 2 and 3 that I generally leave room for debate in most of my comments.  What I said was “there is a good chance that…”  And honestly, there /is/ a good chance.  That's because Thomas Rawlinson is generally credited with inventing it in the 18th century, and there are even contemporary public writings from the 18th century regarding this fact and they weren't attacked, argued against, or anything of the like by individuals at the time.  Now is it possible that someone somewhere might have been wearing something similar earlier?  Sure.  Things like that happen all the time.  But what I find rather interesting is that we have accounts of its invention that are fairly close in time to when it was said to have been invented, and no contrary accounts that state "Hey, that's a load of bollocks!"  That says to me that if it was invented earlier, it probably wasn't widely used because not a single contemporary person said "Rawlinson is full of it, he didn't invent anything other than copyright infringement."Also, while I'm defending myself and correcting the account so I don't sound like I'm just bloviating random unsupported facts, I didn't say that small kilts were as authentic as Disneyland.  What I said was that Hugh Trevor Roper said that.  And when I said that bagpipes and the small kilt are marginally older than the utilikilt, you have to listen to my tone.  I was making a joke.  Actually, the bag pipes are old as hell, they're just not particularly Scottish.I try to be pretty careful with this stuff because I know all I have is my credibility and your trust.  :)