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Well, as a die-hard and unabashedly unrepentant Anglophile, I tend to focus on works that bring to light the British psyche, and show that “there are two ways of doing things….The British way, and eveyone else's”. The British have pretty much defied the odds by becoming what has been the single greatest force for change in the world (both for good and bad). Kate Fox's “Watching the English” has been a delightful and insightful read (although, some of her conclusions about the English are quite “compost-worthy”, she is honest enough to admit it!) I have been reading quite a few of the old Celtic tales and myths to get the flavour (sp) of the people, and am digging up some old books that I'd packed away. In a way, you could say that I've just started my thousand-mile journey by taking my first steps, and your podcast has carried me  “a fair piece” down that road :D