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Yeah, I've been treating a lot of the trees I've borrowed the same way I treat Wikipedia — not guaranteed accurate but a great jumping-off point for research.  Thankfully what I've found matches up with the good ol' Family Rumor Mill.  (For a long time, “rumor has it that…” was the only thing we had to go on.  Turns out, some of those rumors were true.  Some were complete bull – ie. great-great-great uncle married a *gasp* Chinese woman [scandalous in the 1800s] – but some have panned out, like great-granddad working for the White Star Line.)Do you know if there are any more UK-centric records sites that might have more information?  Ancestry has a lot, but not much in regards to European records.  I'll spot a county registry here and there, but nothing as revealing as the US records.  I think maritime records would crack one line open for me and I can't get my hands on them.  Dagnabbit.Certainly more exciting than anything on TV, that's for sure.  (My husband didn't even notice that I'd forgotten about dinner.  He was in his office gaming the whole time and, per usual, oblivious to time.  I'm making up for it today by making pork verde and plying him with beer.  Close enough!)