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Family history is pretty addictive when you feel like you are getting somewhere, so forgetting to feed the family or partner is just a minor oversight considering what you have learned with a few clicks of a mouse button :D  And I know what you mean about Ancestry (and other such websites) and how they have improved over the years. I haven't used Ancestry for about six years or more and in that time alone the number of records seems to have increased tenfold and same goes for Find My Past, which used to called 1837 Online. I guess quite a few people just use the free trial, get what they need and go elsewhere; I've done that at least once  ::)Just be careful and make sure you are 100% with every direct ancestor, it would be so frustrating and annoying as hell to know that you have been researching down the wrong line and have to backtrack and start over again. This happened to a friend of mind and had to go back roughly 200 years.  I never relied too heavily on the FamilySearch online records and Ancestry etc. in the earlier days as I noticed several discrepancies, notibly on the LDS site during my research. Luckily for me, after this generous person passed all his info on to me, he said he had painstakingly checked and double checked his research with actual parish records etc. etc. He even spent hours writing letters to family members in the US, Canada and Australia. He has a lot more patience than me, that much I do know.Unless you know for sure that the details you have are correct, have come from reputable sources and have been assessed by your distant relatives as accurate (I am guessing you have a few in UK) then you might not need to travel here, after all it is a long and costly way to go to check some old records. There is the satisfaction, however, that you know the documents you are looking at are the real ones that inform you about your heritage and that, I am sure, is important to anyone. Just a shame you live so far away, crikey I'm only about 350 miles away from family records I could use and I never go there......head down in shame  :-I hope all the records pan out and that you are successful in your research.......the 1100's......this is me still impressed  8)  I would love to go back that far.Just an aside, I've even had a go at indexing one of the UK censuses (can't remember which one now, 1901 I think, this was a long time ago) and heck it is boring but a great way to see how the enumerator spelt people's names and places, many times incorrectly!