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I'll admit – I totally swiped off of other trees.  The stuff here in the US, I was able to find cencus data to verify and back up branches.  Once I hopped the pond, it got harder, but I latched on to other distant relatives' trees and moved up the line.  Totally cheating, I know.  Now that I have names and dates (give or take a couple of years), it'll be easier to go hunting for birth/marriage/death records.  Right now, I'm using to build the tree and find records.  I'll export the tree in a few days and nix my membership, and head over to Google for further assistance.  Gotta love that internet.  The amount of records available on Ancestry has increased by leaps and bounds, even over the last couple of years.  I found the passenger list for the the transport ship my grandmother arrived in the US on.  Turns out, after she disembarked in San Francisco, the ship turned back to sea and provided military support during the Korean War (it earned 4 battle stars). I ramble.Finding a paper trail outside of the US is still pretty hard on my end.  But I think, with the information I've borrowed from distant relatives, I'll be able to find records to back up the 'claims'.  I mean, this might require a trip over to Europe, right?  Golly gosh darn!  :D(But seriously, free trial.  Sit down for an afternoon, enter what you know, and see what happens.  It was madness.  "Okay, I'll stop once I reach the 1700s...  Alright, 1600s and I swear I'm done..."  8 hours later, I'm whooping into the phone and I've completely forgotten to start the Easter ham for dinner.)